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In My Garden

On a lovely warm day I took a walk about the garden, and these are some of the things I found.

Tulips in late winter.
Primroses looking good after winter.
Rhubarb pushing up. Pie coming soon!
Sedum looking good!
As always-Larkspur. Everywhere….my nemesis!  I love it when in bloom and can’t bear to pull it up but it reseeds everywhere!
Carnation. I was very surprised at this overwintering, but it is looking good!

And….we have flowers!

The first flowers of the year, the beloved crocus.

We had some major excavating done when we put in a new cement parking area.

Many of my flower beds were demolished in the process.

I tried to dig as many of the bulbs and perennials as I could,

but lots of crocus corms were dumped in with the pile of dirt in the middle of the yard.

We rototilled, raked and planted grass seed.


And now I have crocus coming up in the yard.

Not such a bad thing…They are so pretty and welcome after the winter.

They will be done blooming by the time to begin mowing

So I will enjoy them where they are!





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