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This Week In The Garden

9 Weeks Before Average Last Frost Date

March 13-18

Garden Zone 5-6

March is a pivotal point in the garden year, this is the month that gardening really can begin.  Thought March can be very mercurial and very up and down weather wise, this is usually a month of the promise of the new garden year and we can actually get our hands in the garden soil.

  • If the soil can be worked, you can begin preparing the ground for this years garden.  Remove any mulch (this will let the soil begin to warm up some) and left over debris and rake in some good compost or fertilizer.
  • On nice days, do garden clean up-straighten borders, raking, pulling of what weeds are growing-and believe me-they are growing!
  • Start seeds of eggplant and a variety of sweet and hot peppers.
  • Start seeds of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, and Brussels Sprouts. Try different types of cabbages-green, red, Savoy. My favorite is Savoy, for Cole slaw!
  • After you have started this years seeds, store them carefully so they will stay viable till next year or later.
  • As soon as soil can be worked you can direct sow seeds of leeks, onions, carrots, peas, radish, spinach, parsnips and turnips.
  • If the soil cannot be worked yet you can start many of the above seeds in containers indoors.
  • If you have ordered any asparagus, rhubarb or horseradish crowns, try to get them planted as soon as possible.
  • If you have seeds started, they may need potted up to bigger containers.  Do not let them get root bound.
  • If you have planted a cover crop on the garden, get it turned under.
  • Remove mulch from garlic and strawberry beds as the new growth begins.
  • Work out your crop rotation plan.

Have you started any garden work yet?  Let me know!




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