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Seed Shopping

Have you started shopping for your garden seeds yet?  Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Browse the seed catalogs, (a nice thing to do on cold, snowy days!)  Stop by the store and see what seeds they have available.
  • Inventory the seeds you already have.
  • Make sure the seeds you have saved are viable and will grow for you.  Nothing quite as disappointing as planting, watering, tending and….nada…nothing.  (More on that later)
  • Decide what you want to grow this year. What is your reason for growing vegetables?  Flowers?  Are you planning on canning and freezing or just growing for fresh eating?  Are you wanting to make cut flower arrangements or just enjoy beautiful flower beds?  (More on this later)
  • Consider the days to maturity, habit and size of the plant and fruit, disease tolerance
  • Grow what you will eat
  • Comparison shop
  • Shop early for the best selection and supply and to avoid shipping problems
  • Know you growing zone

  • Know your frost dates

  • Mix of seeds may be better than a straight variety
  • Will you be growing hybrids or heirlooms?  Or a mix of both?
  • All American selections are always a good choice-tried and true
  • Save the seed catalogs-there is usually valuable info there you can refer to later.

Have you started buying you seeds for this year yet?