The March Full Moon

March 7th is the full Worm Moon, the last full moon of winter-that should be good news for all gardeners!  This month’s moon is also known as the sugar moon-the sap begins running for maple syrup, and the Wind Strong Moon, as this is usually a windy month.  This is also a Lenten Moon.

This full moon should be especially large while it is near the horizon, so here is hoping for good weather to see it.

Worms rising to the surface is a spring sign that winter is ending and the ground is thawing.  Worms are wonderful for the garden-aerating the soil and devouring decaying material.


Worms are reported to taste like bacon!  I will never know…

The full worm moon is such a welcome sight as it also brings another welcome sight-the red-breasted robin.  The robins return when the the worms come to the surface.  If they could talk, we could ask if worms taste like bacon, as they love to eat them.

The robins are such a familiar and welcome sight as they run and hop over lawns looking for worms.  They are welcome to nest where ever they like and their early morning song is delightful.

But…I have not seen a robin yet, though there have been reports of robin sighting in our town. We are currently in Florida and I will have to wait till we get home to see my beloved red-breasted robins.