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The Amaryllis Update

In a previous post-SEE HERE– I talked about growing Amaryllis bulbs.

Here is the update on how the plants did for my Sunday School class.

The first week we were very pleased to see that all the pots had sprouted green leaves.  There were even some flowering stalks beginning.  We carefully watered them every week.

The first to bloom was the white one.  They were amazed at the size of the bloom.

Over the next few weeks, they continued to bloom beautifully for us.  The flowering stems got so tall that we had to tie them up with stakes and string and prop them against the window.

The flower loving church ladies also came to our class to admire them.

Two of the pots did not flower, so I will work on them over the summer.  I think I had them planted too deeply.

We have started another gardening project in our class that the girls are excited about.  Keep an eye out for what that is!