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The Month of May


The month of May is here.

How has time traveled so fast?

May is a big gardening month-the last frost date will soon pass,

and it is the time to plant most of the garden…

but for me, there will be very little gardening-

for me, May will be the packing month.

After 26 years, we will be moving from this house and garden.

And so the packing begins…

the first box packed was some of my quilts.

There have been dozens of boxes packed since this first one, and many more to go.

I lay awake at night thinking of each room,

and about packing it up.

What a nightmare!

Merry does not worry at all-

He found the quilts a lovely place to take a nap-

quilts and boxes, a cat’s favorite things,

(besides hunting for frogs and moles!)


Psalm 18:2

The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer;

my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.



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Friday’s Flower-Hyacinths




Beneath rich loam



Pink hue

Hyacinth blooms




Around the beds


Doris Culverhouse, 2012

This weeks flower is the hyacinth, another blooming bulb.

The most enduring quality of the hyacinth, besides being a beautiful flower,

it the wonderful fragrance it exudes.

Hyacinth colors are red, blue, white, orange, pink and yellow-

a color for what ever color scheme you are desiring.

The hyacinth is toxic, it contains oxalic acid and may cause irritation when handling.

I have clumps of hyacinths scattered all through my decorative flower beds, the colors I

use are blue, pink, yellow and white.

They are such a pretty sight on cold spring days!

  • Plant hyacinths in the fall for spring bloom.
  • Plant in full or part sun.
  • They like a rich loamy soil.
  • Will grow in zones 4-9.
  • Plant 4-6 inches deep, pointy end up.
  • Plant about 3 inches apart.  The bulbs are quite large.
  • Allow the leaves to die back naturally after blooming.
  • Hyacinths are excellent for forcing and growing indoors.

Summer Winds

Light and Golden


Away my heart

In hyacinth time.

Thomas Martin, 2016


Psalm 145:13

The LORD is faithful to all His promises

and loving toward all He has made.


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DEL and the Home and Garden Show

Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show

Spring is the time of the home and garden shows-

many of the major cities in the country hold these events

to showcase local businesses.

This year Daryl set up a display promoting his seamless gutters business.

The home and garden show is held every year at the David Lawrence Convention Center

in Pittsburgh.  It was said there were 10 acres of displays!

There was alot to see!

It was a long week for those manning the displays-

Daryl said he would much rather be working!

He had built a sample of how the gutters work-

a mini house with ‘rain’ flowing down the roof into the gutters.

There were give aways, and


It was a fun time to spend walking around to all the displays-

so much to see, and so much to want!

(Be content, Margie!)

Daryl will be very busy in the coming months!


Philippians 2:3

God is working in you,

giving you the desire to obey Him

and the power to do what pleases Him.


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A Book Give-Away-The Farmstead Egg

I have a give-away for you today…

a good book on basic chicken keeping and recipes for all those freshly gathered eggs.

I enjoy my chickens so-they are easy to take of and

fun to watch.

Though I do keep a sharp eye on ol’ Pete, the rooster.

He does not even like me taking photos of ‘his’ hens…

giving me the ‘stink-eye!’

This book is divided into 2 sections-

The first on chicken keeping, and the second of recipes.

If you are thinking of getting some chicks,

this would be a nice book to have.

The many chapters of chicken care.

The second section has are many interesting recipes.

Good ideas for all those eggs!

Recipes from the common to the gourmet.


Pickled eggs, anyone?

Pickled eggs are a Pennsylvania tradition.

Asparagus will soon be ready!

In the spring time there is usually an over abundance of eggs.

This recipe is of interest to me-it would satisfy my love of Mexican food.

If you would like to try for a chance to win this book,

just leave a comment on this blog post within the next 7 days.

Next Tuesday, April 11, the winner will be announced!

This book would be a nice addition to your recipe library.

Do you keep chickens?

Would you like to keep chickens?


Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the LORD

and He will give you the desires of your heart.



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(photo credit-Homespun Wife)

They Come And Go So Quickly

by Ruth Bell Graham

They come and go so quickly,

Spring and Fall….

as if they had not really

come at all.


we could not take

too much beauty,

breath-catching glory,

ecstasy without relief;

and so

God made them



Spring is so achingly beautiful, it hurts.


A beautiful song for Spring….


Psalm 145:13

The LORD is faithful to all His promises

and loving toward all He has made.

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