New Spring Chicks

New Chicks

We have some new baby chicks here.  Five, to be exact.

Henrietta became broody early in the spring, and I set her off by herself in a quiet and dark place,

with about 12 eggs under her.

She faithfully sat on them.

(Notice the egg pushed to the front of the crate-she was able to tell this egg was no good, and pushed it away.)  Last year Henrietta successfully brooded 2 batches of chicks for me.  The first batch, she hatched 4, one died, and three grew to adulthood.  The second batch, 3 hatched, 1 died, so we got 2.  And this year there are 5.  Five hatched and all survived.  There are 4 buffy colored ones and 1 black.

They are now old enough and big enough to be let out,  they are roaming the yard every day.  Henrietta is busy teaching them to scratch and dust bath.  They are so enjoyable to watch.

I find this a much more enjoyable way to raise chicks-let the momma do it.

The shadows are lengthening and it is time to head back to the coop for the night….time to put those babies to bed!


Deuteronomy 31:8

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you;

He will never leave you nor forsake you.



  1. Amazing…..almost I’m persuaded to get a rooster………..

  2. So sweet! She is such a good mamma!

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