Beneath rich loam



Pink hue

Hyacinth blooms




Around the beds


Doris Culverhouse, 2012

This weeks flower is the hyacinth, another blooming bulb.

The most enduring quality of the hyacinth, besides being a beautiful flower,

it the wonderful fragrance it exudes.

Hyacinth colors are red, blue, white, orange, pink and yellow-

a color for what ever color scheme you are desiring.

The hyacinth is toxic, it contains oxalic acid and may cause irritation when handling.

I have clumps of hyacinths scattered all through my decorative flower beds, the colors I

use are blue, pink, yellow and white.

They are such a pretty sight on cold spring days!

  • Plant hyacinths in the fall for spring bloom.
  • Plant in full or part sun.
  • They like a rich loamy soil.
  • Will grow in zones 4-9.
  • Plant 4-6 inches deep, pointy end up.
  • Plant about 3 inches apart.  The bulbs are quite large.
  • Allow the leaves to die back naturally after blooming.
  • Hyacinths are excellent for forcing and growing indoors.

Summer Winds

Light and Golden


Away my heart

In hyacinth time.

Thomas Martin, 2016


Psalm 145:13

The LORD is faithful to all His promises

and loving toward all He has made.