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March 17


I was planning to post a weekly ‘Friday’s Flower’ –

Here is last weeks Friday Flower…

well, we enjoyed it while it lasted!

Right after this photo was posted, we were hammered by an awesome (?) winter storm.

Here is the same view of these poor crocus a week later…

It is all hunkered down and surviving under the snow.

Still waiting for spring.

This storm was a quite a surprise, in its intensity and bitter cold.

We didn’t get the great amount of snow that the northern part of PA did,

but the wind and cold temperature was bad enough.

It was probably made worse in that we are all weary of winter,

and were beguiled by the stretch of nice weather the previous weeks.

Church was cancelled on Wednesday.

So, since I have nothing else blooming right now,

here are some ‘flowers in the snow’ pictures.

A clump of daffodils in the snow-many buds ready to bloom…when spring arrives.

Hyacinths pushing up.  Can’t wait for their fragrance!

And some veggies-

The garlic patch, under its protecting wire grid.  The chickens are being let out every afternoon

to scratch about before the garden planting begins and this grid stops them from scratching in this bed.

The garlic will survive just fine, but they are looking sad right now.

Rhubarb, pushing up.  Can’t wait for pie!  Soon….

This green, grassy perennial vegetable is coming up nicely.

Do you know what it is?

I think no home should be without it-I love it, and love using it in my cooking.

I will tell you all about it later!

It deserves a blog post all of its own.


March 17 was Dan’s birthday.

Son Aaron made him a pan of Rice Krispie Treats-his favorite.

He loves some with his morning coffee  (or pie!)

I am thankful, and rather amazed that 3 of my sons like to cook and do it so willingly!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I put an Irish jig on and asked Dan if he would dance an Irish jig for us, but he declined,

said “I’m not Irish!… I’m Scottish!”

Ah, yes, I know that…

‘You may kiss an Irishman but…

its a Scotsman you take home!’

That I did!

And glad I did!


Ephesian 1:7

In Him we have redemption through His blood,

the forgiveness of sins,

in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.



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  1. LOL… We know about Daniel Clyde, the Scotsman, but… Kissed an Irishman? We want to hear THAT story.

    Well, she said, “That I did!” and professed to be glad of it. 🙂

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