The New Quilt Hoop

In a previous post, I told you about our trip to Lancaster, PA, and this little shop that we visited….and what I spied in that shop.  (You can see that post here.)

22-IMG_9339 29-IMG_9346

A beautiful floor quilt hoop!…..and Dan bought one for me for my birthday!

It is quite an impressive quilt hoop, all hand made by a local artesian.

It is much larger than the hoops that can be found at the local fabric or quilt store, and it is made out of hard wood.


It has multiple adjustments…for height…


…it tilts and swivels…


… and has a very sturdy floor stand.


From the way this hoop feels and works, I am hoping that it will last for years.

I am loving my new quilting hoop!

Following, are photos of me quilting.

Preparing to begin…threading the needle.  I do not use a regular quilting needle, but a little larger needle with a larger eye.  (These old eyes are not what they used to be!)


I use safety pins to baste my quilts.


My ‘smart’ (right) hand is on the under side of the hoop…with my lazy (left)  hand on top.

My left hand, ready to receive the needle as it comes up from the bottom.


Pulling the thread through, leaving 1/2 of the thread to quilt back the other direction.


Putting the needle back down through, to the underside.


Pulling the thread through.


Close up of the quilting stitch. (Can you tell I have been working in the garden?  See the dirty, ragged fingernails?  Ahhh!)



This quilt that is on the hoop, is a found treasure-it was in a box of items that no one wanted, and left behind, after the benefit auction for our Christian school.  You can read about the auction here.  I could not believe my good fortune!

It is all hand pieced…and now will be hand quilted.

Another little nifty tool that I use, is my thread holder, made by June Taylor.  It is very handy to hold my scissors-a small, sharp pair by Wiss-and the thread on a roll-off spindle, and extra needles on a magnetic strip on the side.  It is very easy to take with, as I sometimes carry a current quilting project with me, on a smaller hoop.


(Off to Youth Convention at the Stoneboro Campgrounds for the next few days!  See you next week!)

Genesis 32:10

“I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies.”




  1. Hello Margie,
    Do you still have and love your frame from village quilts?

    • Yes I still have the quilt frame and yes I still love it. I am anxious to soon be getting a quilt on it for the cold weather quilting. As much as I hate to see the outside work end I will be happy to spend time quilting again.

  2. Loved the look of the new quilt hoop. Looking for a quilt hoop for my 95 year old Mother. She still quilts and has moved into an assisted living and her quilt sticks are to large for the space. Would like more information on what size it is, where is it available and how much they cost. Would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you

    • Hello Delores!
      Thank you for visiting my blog!
      Quite an accomplishment to still be quilting at 95!
      My quilt hoop does not have a makers name on it-it is supposed to have been Amish custom made. Village Quilts, where I purchased it, has a web site, and the store is under Village Shops-What’s New. Just Google Village Quilts or Village Shops. There is no information on the hoop, just a photo. There is a phone number-717-768-2787. The store is in Intercourse, PA. I believe we paid $170.00 for it.
      I did find a quilt hoop much like it in a quilt magazine-Homestead Quilting Hoops by Hinterberg Design. Phone 1-800-443-5800
      Hope this helps you. Best blessings on you and your mother!
      My hoop size is approx. 30 inches across. Shipping might be a problem with the size.

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