The Legacy Star Quilt

The Legacy Star Quilt-

the beginning…


Haven’t had a quilt in the works for awhile…

anxious to get one (or two!) started.


Here we go….

happy quilting to me!

John 6:35

“I am the bread of life:

he that cometh to me shall never hunger;

and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”

Father, may we ever be found at your table.


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Meadow’s Quilt


Meadow’s quilt is done.

I started the hand quilting on this quilt in the spring time.

I would take this quilt along with me to the farmer’s market, and work on it when I was not busy. Amazingly, I was able to get much quilting done on it.  It was of interest to many of the customers, and they would stop and chat with me about quilts.  One kind lady even brought me bags of her old quilt magazines that she no longer wanted, and I enjoyed reading them.

As you may recall, from a past post-see here-,our daughter and husband adopted 3 children-so, that gave us 3 new grandchildren all at once!  I have been very busy trying to make quilts for all of them-2 down and 1 to go!  (The next one will be a tractor quilt!)  You can see Bethany’s quilt here.


Meadow is very happy that her quilt is finally done.


This is the quilt top before quilting.  I did not piece the top-I bought it already pieced.  I know, cheating!

I love the colors in this fabric, the soft pastels.


A piece of coordinating fabric, for a pillow case.


The completed quilt.  I left the white patches un-quilted because there is a raised pattern on the white fabric.  It does not show up in the pictures, but there is a cross-hatch pattern on them.


I used a high loft quilt batting, to give the quilting more definition.


Here is a close up of the hand quilting.  The quilting motif is known as a pumpkin seed.  4 pumpkin seed motifs, set together to form a flower shape.  A quilting stencil with this pattern was used to mark on the quilt top.


A close up of the quilting.  The markings from the stencil washed out nicely.


A close up of the quilting from the back side.

For the backing,  I used a flannel sheet that has been laying around the sewing room for ages.  You can even see some pilling on the used sheeting.  I like to use flannel for backing baby and children’s quilts,  for the snuggle factor.  Flannel is also very easy to needle when hand quilting.


The quilt label.


For the binding, the backing was just brought around to the front edges.


Merry was always very glad to nap on the quilt!




Enjoy your quilt, Meadow!

Numbers 14:21

“But as truly as I live,

all the earth shall be filled with

the glory of the Lord”



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Hand Quilting to the Edge



With my hand quilting, I have always struggled with how to quilt to the edge of the quilt.  I have tried many different ways, but finally ended up removing the quilt from the hoop, and quilting the edges unstretched.  It has always been unsatisfactory to me because the quilt edge always turns out a little bunched up, as the fabric is not taut.., like the rest of the quilt, as it is being quilted.

It is amazing to me that it has taken me so many years to finally figure out how to do it.  All I know, is that I read something, somewhere and  ah ha!… it gave me an idea of how to finally do it.  So, the following photos are of how I am able to keep the fabric taut as I quilt to the edge.


I usually leave a big enough extra border all around, of the batting and backing.  It probably should be about 5 inches extra for the backing, and 3 or 4 extra inches for the batting.

Place the quilt in the hoop with the backing and batting in place like usual, having the quilt top out of the hoop along the edge you want to quilt.  You can pull the backing taut in the hoop, and also the batting.  But stretch the batting carefully, as it can tear.  Pull it gently so it is taut also.

You can see the slack in the quilt top in the photo above.


Then, pull the quilt top taut, and pin it to the already taut backing and batting.  Here, you can see that the top can be pulled nice and taut, just like the backing and batting.


That is all there is to it…you can quilt away, just like usual!

And, I suppose you already knew this!  So…why didn’t anyone tell me?

Ephesians 2:8

‘By grace you have been saved through faith,

and that not of yourselves;

it is the gift of God.”


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The New Quilt Hoop

In a previous post, I told you about our trip to Lancaster, PA, and this little shop that we visited….and what I spied in that shop.  (You can see that post here.)

22-IMG_9339 29-IMG_9346

A beautiful floor quilt hoop!…..and Dan bought one for me for my birthday!

It is quite an impressive quilt hoop, all hand made by a local artesian.

It is much larger than the hoops that can be found at the local fabric or quilt store, and it is made out of hard wood.


It has multiple adjustments…for height…


…it tilts and swivels…


… and has a very sturdy floor stand.


From the way this hoop feels and works, I am hoping that it will last for years.

I am loving my new quilting hoop!

Following, are photos of me quilting.

Preparing to begin…threading the needle.  I do not use a regular quilting needle, but a little larger needle with a larger eye.  (These old eyes are not what they used to be!)


I use safety pins to baste my quilts.


My ‘smart’ (right) hand is on the under side of the hoop…with my lazy (left)  hand on top.

My left hand, ready to receive the needle as it comes up from the bottom.


Pulling the thread through, leaving 1/2 of the thread to quilt back the other direction.


Putting the needle back down through, to the underside.


Pulling the thread through.


Close up of the quilting stitch. (Can you tell I have been working in the garden?  See the dirty, ragged fingernails?  Ahhh!)



This quilt that is on the hoop, is a found treasure-it was in a box of items that no one wanted, and left behind, after the benefit auction for our Christian school.  You can read about the auction here.  I could not believe my good fortune!

It is all hand pieced…and now will be hand quilted.

Another little nifty tool that I use, is my thread holder, made by June Taylor.  It is very handy to hold my scissors-a small, sharp pair by Wiss-and the thread on a roll-off spindle, and extra needles on a magnetic strip on the side.  It is very easy to take with, as I sometimes carry a current quilting project with me, on a smaller hoop.


(Off to Youth Convention at the Stoneboro Campgrounds for the next few days!  See you next week!)

Genesis 32:10

“I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies.”



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Shopping in Lancaster

I told you about part of our recent trip to Lancaster County, PA, where we visited the Sight and Sound Theater.

Here are some of the other things we did while we were there.

Maria has been wanting to take me to Good’s Store for a long time.  It is located right next to the Shady Maple Restaurant.


It is a very interesting store, having many products that you can find no where else.  There are many Amish hand made items there, and the store caters to the Amish and Mennonite people that are living in the area.

One of our favorite parts of the store was the fabric department.  It was very large, and carried mostly apparel fabric, as well as a lot of quilt fabric.  Our local fabric stores now days cater mostly to the quilter and crafter, and have very little apparel fabric.  Woe to the woman who sews her own clothes, in regards to a nice choice of fabric.


Maria purchased a number of nice pieces of fabric, to sew for her and her girls, Meadow and Bethany.

I was able to purchase a tablecloth that fits my table!  I have been looking for ages and the only answer seemed to be to order on-line.

The next morning, Dan and I  went our own way, and did a little sight seeing.

We went to a few antique shops, and browsed.

The farm land is beautiful in Lancaster, with beautiful farms everywhere.


One of the places that we went was to a touristy enclave of little shops in Intercourse, PA.

Dan is not a shopper, and is only good for 1 store or 2, so I knew I had to pick which store I wanted to visit carefully.

And of course, I picked the Quilt Shop.


As soon as I saw the gorgeous quilts, I started to take pictures.

The store clerk quickly ran over to me and told me ‘no pictures allowed’ in here.  So I have only this one photo of the quilts.  FYI, some of the prices I saw were, $1,500.00 for a queen size quilt and $225.00 for a wall hanging.  (I make sure to remind my husband of the value of quilts now, so he can appreciate mine more!)

The quilts were absoulutely beautiful, and are all hand quilted.  Each one was labeled by the quilt maker.


There was an item in the store that I was very interested in, and Dan told me that he would buy it for me for my soon coming birthday.

So off to lunch we went, to consider the purchase.

We went to the Kling House Restaurant, which was within walking distance.


It is housed in a 200 year old farm house.


The lovely fireplace in the room we were seated in.  (I took this picture when no one was looking, after getting spoken to at the quilt store!….This forbidding of picture taking is all a mystery to me! )


A nice display of the jams and jellies for sale in the restaurant.  I was amused to see one of their products is hot pepper butter, one of the items that I make and sell at the farmer’s market.


Someone had a fun ride!


This is the item that I was interested in- and I told the clerk that I was taking a picture of it…and then we purchased one.

The frame was in the bay window, with lots of natural light, and there usually are women quilting on them.

More on my new quilt frame later!

Happy Birthday to me!


Psalm 51:12

“Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation;

and uphold me with thy free spirit.”


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