Winner of the Fabric Bundle


The winner of the Christmas fabric bundle is….



Congratulations Barbara!

A big thank you to everyone who left a comment,

and thank you to everyone who takes time to read Margie’s Garden.

I hope you enjoy the fabric-

let me know what you do with it.


Psalm 145:18

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him,

to all that call upon him in truth.

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Vintage 9 Patch Quilt

The Vintage 9 Patch Quilt


This antique quilt I bought at our school auction. ( You can read about the  2015 NBWMS benefit auction here.)


I do not know the history of this quilt, only that came from the estate of Lloyd Dibbs.  Mr. Dibbs was born, lived and died in the old homestead that this quilt came from.

He never married and lived alone in the old farm house, till he died at the age of 96 last winter.

It would be interesting to know who made it.  I like to think that Mr. Dibb’s mother made it many years ago.

It is hand pieced and hand quilted in a diagonal cross-hatch pattern.  The colors are beautifully faded to a soft hue.  It is in good condition with no tears or worn spots, but there are some yellow soil places on it, and the fabric feels very fragile and brittle to me.

So, it is being stored away in a safe place.


Jingles approves of it!


I was happy to add this quilt to my collection.


Matthew 5:7

“Blessed are the merciful:

for they shall obtain mercy.”


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A Quilting Mistake

A quilting……mistake!

I have been working diligently on hand-quilting the Legacy Star quilt.  I have been at it since the end of January, and figure I am about 3/4 done with it.

I do my quilting in the living room, in front of the large picture window for the best light.  I usually quilt just during the daylight hours, to take advantage of the natural light.  I do not care for quilting by overhead or lamplight.  The quilting frame sits in the middle of the room, and just the other day, while sitting in my easy chair,  I glanced over at the quilt….and saw this!

Can you see it?!


A big mistake!   The 2 rays of the star on the right are not facing the right direction!

I could not believe what I was seeing!  I pieced this block, and did not see it.  I pieced the whole quilt top together, and did not see it.  And I have been quilting on it for a number of months now, and still did not see it!  I even marked the quilting lines for this block, and was all ready to quilt this area, and did not see it.

They say that the fine quilters of years ago. would purposely make a mistake on the quilt top, because they did not want to make something perfect-only God is perfect.  Well, I am far from perfect, and this quilt surely demonstrates it!  This was not done on purpose…..I still cannot believe that I didn’t catch this mistake till now!

I was all ready to begin ripping out this patch and re-piece it correctly.  I showed it to Maria- she said leave it.  I showed it to Dan-he said keep it just the way it is, said it would make it more precious in the future.

So the mistake will stay, and it will be quilted just as it is.

What would you have done?

Psalm 119:111

“Your testimonies I have taken as a heritage forever,

for they are the rejoicing of my heart.”

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Finally-a Quilt on the Hoop

The Legacy Star Quilt

Waiting for Spring…

I finally have a completed quilt top on the quilting frame.

I have been feeling at somewhat of a loss without a current hand quilting project going on.

This is so late in the winter,

but the Legacy Star quilt is up now.


It feels so good to have a needle in hand again,

and being able to lose myself in the rhythmic motions of hand quilting

on these cold winter days.


Here’s to happy quilting hours!


Do you have a project that you like to work on during the winter?

James 4:10

“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord,

and he shall lift you up.”


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A New Quilt-Legacy Star

The Legacy Star Quilt


I have been setting the Legacy Star quilt…

…and I am not sure if I am liking it yet…

..what do you think?


1 Chronicles 23:30

“And to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD,

and likewise at even:


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