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I have been seeing the grain quinoa being used in a lot of recipes lately.  It is touted as a good substitute for rice, pasta, etc. and is supposed to be more healthy for you.  In my shopping for groceries, I had picked up 2 bags of it.  I have never used quinoa  before.

We had just returned from our trip to California, there were not many groceries in the house, and I needed to fix dinner for us.

So, I whipped up a quick chicken stir-fry for our meal.

Strips of chicken breast sauteed with cut up onion and peppers, seasoned with a chicken soup base mix.  There was no rice in the house, so I decided to use some of the quinoa in place of the rice I usually use.

It was a mistake-neither of us liked it at all-in fact, we hated it.  It ruined a perfectly delicious chicken stir-fry for us. So I will not be cooking quinoa again!

The opened bag will cooked up, and given to the chickens-I am sure they will relish it….cooked food is their favorite.

The un-opened bag I will give to who ever wants it!

Sorry, Bob!


Psalm 46:1

“God is our refuge and strength,

a very present help in trouble.”


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A Sunday Song-At the Name of Jesus

At the Name of Jesus



At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow,

Every tongue confess Him King of Glory now.

‘Tis the Father’s pleasure We should call Him Lord,

Who from the beginning Was the mighty Word.


Humbled for a season To receive a name

From the lips of sinners Unto whom He came.

Faithfully He bore it, Spotless to the last,

Bro’t it back victorious When from death He passed.


In your hearts enthrone Him: There let Him remove

All that is not holy, All that is not true.

Crown Him as your captain In temptation’s hour;

Let His will enfold you In its light and pow’r.


Watch, for this Lord Jesus Shall return again

With His Father’s glory, O’er the earth to reign:

For the day is coming When each knee shall bow,

All our hearts confess Him King of Glory now.


Philippians 2:10

“At the name of Jesus every knee should bow.”

Words by Caroline M. Noel, 1870

Music by James Mountain, 1876


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Life is Precious


Is. 49.1

January 22,

Anniversary of Roe vs Wade;

the infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision

that legalizes the killing of unborn babies.


God will never bless a nation that kills their children,

born or unborn.

57 million babies killed since then-

what a tragedy!

17 members of my immediate family will marching

in The March for Life in Washington, DC.

May God help us.

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