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A Prayer for Fathers

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A Father’s Heart

Hear Thou, O God of love,

This prayer of  mine;

Give me a father’s heart

Like unto Thine.

May those who look to me,

 Ever more clearly see

That which reminds of Thee,

Father Divine.


Lend me Thy wisdom, too,

that I may know

Where childhood’s trusting feet

May safely go.

And may no path I make

Cause eager youth to take

Ways that will Thine forsake

And lead to woe.


Make me more patient, Lord,

Slow to reprove.

Help me to understand;

Teach me to love.

This is my fervent plea:

May I forever be

guiding young life to Thee,

Father above.

Poem from Christian Herald

Image from Google


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6..of life


Proverbs 1:5

“A wise man will hear,

and will increase learning;

and a man of understanding

shall attain unto wise counsels.”


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Chick Update

The Last Chick Update

This is the last post on the new baby chicks, who are not so ‘baby’ anymore.

They have been successfully integrated into the main flock, but not without moments of drama.

This is their ‘safe’ place…

1-002At the top of the ladder.  ( I put this discarded ladder in the yard to give the hens  some entertainment.  They have used it.)

I let them and their mother out in the back yard for a number of weeks during the day to free range.  I fed them next to the chicken fence, so they could get used to eating with each other.  Then I let all the chickens out together with them in the yard, and everything went fine.  So I thought I could now put the chicks in the chicken yard with no problem.

When I first put them in with the others,  the drama started.  They were still small enough to squeeze through the fence, and ‘escape’.  But they soon got too big, and I had to rescue them a few times, as they got stuck.  Such frantic peeping as they tried to  squeeze through as they were being pecked by the others!  This giant lady pulling on them from one side of the fence and hens pecking at them on the other side.  Then there was some flying going on, and they quickly went from being the ‘cute baby chicks’,  to me wanting to wring their necks!  I was in the process of planting the vegetable garden, and as soon as I had a bed planted, they came over and scratched and dust bathed in it.  I chased them out of the garden all day, and then clipped wings when I was able to catch them at night.

They have finally stayed put, and everyone is  adjusting to each other.  No more drama.

They will probably all turn out to be roosters!


Proverbs 14:26

“In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence:

and his children shall have a place of refuge.”


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They are Coming…

The Cicadas are Coming

I heard the first one yesterday…

They are coming.

The 17 year cicadas are emerging.


I knew when I heard that distinctive, singular loud hum in the woods, that it was too early for the annual insect hum to be starting.

There seems to be a tipping point in summer, when the temperatures are warm enough, that the constant surrounding sound changes from bird song to insect hum.  When I heard the hum on June 6, I knew something was up…

It is time for the 17 year cicada brood V.  This insect occurrence only happens in eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and Virginia, and western Maryland. The last occurrence was in 1999.

We have the annual cicadas and locusts and crickets that make up the day and night summer insect hum.  This cicada spend 99% of their life underground.  They feed on the sap of the roots of the deciduous forest, living as much as 2 feet underground.  The 17 year cicada is the longest living insect in North America.  One acre of forest can have 1.5 million cicadas.

On a warm spring night, the cicadas emerge, where the last nymph stage is shed, and the ‘singing’ begins.  The males congregate in ‘chorus centers’, in the effort to attract the females.  The cicadas are active for only 4-6 weeks, completing the mating and laying of eggs.


cicada 2

The female lays her eggs in slits that she makes in tree branches, laying about 2o eggs in each slit, for a total of about 600 eggs.  In 6-10 weeks the eggs hatch, the nymphs drops to the ground and they then burrow back into the ground to spend most of their life.  We will not see -or hear- them again for another 17 years.

cicada 3

Cicadas pose little threat to vegetation, mostly young trees are effected.  Mature trees recover easily from the little feeding.  They also pose no threat to humans, other than it being very scary if one should land on you.  They do not sting or bite or transmit disease.  But they are VERY noisy!

I can remember the last 17 year cicadas-when we would drive through a forest area where they were congregating, to me it sounded like a freight train was coming through.

Such an interesting world God has given us!


Isaiah 65:24

“And it shall come to pass,

that before they call,

I will answer;

and while they are yet speaking,

I will hear.”



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A Sunday Poem-Life’s Mirror

Life’s Mirror

3-James River by Esther Rhen

There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave;

There are souls that are pure and true:

Then give to others the best you have,

And the best will come back to you.

Give love, and love to your life will flow,

A strength in your inmost need;

Have faith, and other hearts will show

Their faith in your word and deed.

Give truth, and your gifts will be paid in kind;

And honor will honor meet;

An a kindly smile will find

A smile that is just as sweet.

Give a helping hand to those in need,

and a harvest of golden grain

You’ll reap some day from the love-sown seed,

If you sowed in the Master’s name.

For life is the mirror of king and slave-

‘Tis just what we are and do;

Then give to others the best you have,

And the best will come back to you.



Galatians 6:9

“And let us not be weary in well doing:

for in due season we shall reap,

if we faint not.”


With much prayer, we put our visitor on the bus yesterday to return to his family (see here).  We did our best to share deeds of love, faith, and trust and to give a helping hand.


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