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Stoneboro-Conference, 2015

Here are some photos from this years Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection Conference.

This is an annual event where the ministers and the church delegates come together to conduct business for the Connection.  The morning and afternoon sessions are for the business affairs, and the evening services are open to all who will come.  There is a different area of emphasis for each evening- a keynote address, pioneering, missions, as well as a memorial service for the years deceased elders, a YMWB rally, children’s outreach service, a college service, Sunday School as well as children’s services through the day.  It makes for a busy time for all.

The photos below are of the Thursday night service featuring Pioneering, or home missions.  There were 4 different speakers, telling of their work in starting new churches.


The speakers and pioneer leaders, assembling on the platform.

My! Was I surprised to see the new addition to the platform.  The wooden railing and step rails are new. (I overheard someone quip that Allegheny must be getting old-they now need hand rails to get up the steps!)  I also heard remarks that the rails looked ugly, but I think that they look very nice, and it is obvious that someone put a lot of work into building them.

The motto for this years conference-Contending for the Distinctions of Holy Living of Our Wesleyan Methodist Heritage.


Rev. John Treese, the pioneer pastor from Canada, opening the service with prayer.  He was also the Sunday evening evangelist speaker.


While the church elders and delegates were busy in the main tabernacle, the ladies were busy in the Women’s Missionary Society meetings.

The WMS presidents and delegates meet in the smaller tabernacle.

Below, one the ladies giving her report, and, if you look close you can see our faithful WMS President, Nancy Troyer, and her vice-president, Mrs. Nevsetta,  and secretary, Kay Patterson.   (Wishing I had a longer lens!)

I am thankful for our delegate, Miss Martha Taylor, for faithfully attending all the sessions.


One of the things that the WMS does, is greet and hear from the missionaries that are at the conference.

Below, Jason and Becky Corbin, and family, sharing with us.  As of this writing, they are now in Ghana, South Africa, beginning their second 4 year term of missionary service.

You can read more about them here.


Ah!  Rev. Dan Cope-the sound man.  Sitting in his sound booth, smiling at me as he caught me taking his picture.


He and his family hold a special place in our hearts-when he and his new wife, Beverly, got out of college, they came to our school as principle and teacher for a number of years, and while working at the school, they attended our church.  What a blessing they were, and always so cheerful.

The end of another conference year!


Matthew 18:19

“If two of you shall agree on earth

as touching any thing that they shall ask,

it shall be done for them of my Father

which is in heaven.”

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Father’s Day Sunday


A Father’s Day Poem

fathers day graphics

To my dad on his day,

Of whom I am a living will.

May your happiness fulfill

Your goodness,

as is just and right.

Deeds are seeds upon the night,

As wind and wonder have their way,

delivering the destined light.


Ephesians 6:4

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger,

but rather bring them up

in the discipline and instruction

that comes from the Lord.”

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In the Garden

In the Garden

The week of June 15


Here is picture of my vegetable garden as it looks this week.

The garden always looks so good when it is young,

before it becomes weedy and overgrown.

I will share photos of the progress of this

garden every few weeks or so.

We have certainly not been lacking for rain!

I try and slip the garden chores in, in between the showers

(or torrential down pours!)

What is growing here:


sweet peppers


cutting celery

cabbage- green, red an savoy



green beans





hot peppers









There have been some changes for me in the area of my gardening,

and I will be sharing them with you in a  later post.


Proverbs 16:8

“Better to have little, with godliness,

than to be rich and dishonest.”


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First Harvest

The First Harvest from the Garden

We are harvesting the first vegetables from the garden.

The rhubarb has been producing for about 1 month now.  More rhubarb pies coming!


The kale plants that were started indoors in February are ready to be cut.  The outside leaves only are cut, and never more than 1/3 of each plant.  These plants should produce all summer and into the cooler months of fall and early winter.  The 2 varieties that I planted are Redbor and Blue Curled Scotch.



And we are getting handful of beautiful, luscious strawberries every few days.  I cannot take credit for these berries-son, Aaron bought these plants last year from someone selling them as a fund raiser, and as he had no place to plant them at the time, I donated one of my raised bed for him to use.  Last year he took most of the berries, but since he is not around this spring, we are enjoying them.  My payback for weeding and mulching them!


How nice to be enjoying eating from the garden this year!

Are you harvesting anything from your garden yet?

Psalm 85:11

” Truth springs up from the earth,

and righteousness smiles down his blessings.”


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Good-Bye Panda

5-IMG_1641 Panda just showed up one day…..the children came to me, reporting that there was a kitty crying under the cars.  They were able to coax him out from under the car, and we petted and talked to him,  but he soon ran off.  It wasn’t long though, and he was again crying in the back yard, and I was able to be-friend him with milk and food.  And before I knew it,  he welcomed himself into the house. He must have decided that this would be a good place to live! 2-IMG_0081 Yes, he was welcome here. We had no idea where he came from, if he wandered in on his own, or if someone dropped him off, but here he was, very hungry. It didn’t take long to find out that he had 2 supreme desires-to be warm and to eat!  He would spend the cold winter months sleeping by the furnace vent, and the warm summer months outside in the sun.  And he was always ready for his daily bowl of milk and fresh food.  He soon learned that the dog,  Jingles, got treats from a small bag, and he soon was sitting next to Jingles, looking up at me, waiting for his treat, too. Panda He was terrified of men, and would run out of the room whenever my husband would enter, but he loved the ladies, and would let them hold and cuddle and make over him. 6-IMG_1994 He stole Jingles’ bed. 4-IMG_8503 And tried to sleep in bags. 7-012 He joined me every morning at the fish pond, for my morning devotions-he sitting on one side of me (always the left side!) and Jingles on the other. He laid by my feet whenever I sat at the computer. He never wandered from the house, and never went to the road, but that was where we found him- on the road, hit by a car and killed.  It was a very sad day, but oh! how I enjoyed him while he was here. Good bye, Panda….I miss you! 3-IMG_0098

Psalm 73:28

But it is good for me to

draw near to God:

I have put my trust in the Lord God,

that I may declare all thy works.


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