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Seed Catalogs

There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter.

One is an early thaw.

And the other is the seed catalogs.

Hal Borland


When the seed catalogs arrive in the mail,

(which is usually right after Christmas!)

the dreaming of the gardens begins!

Oh! How much pleasure can be derived

by leafing through page after page of beautiful

flowers and vegetables.

My garden never looks so good

as it does in my mind’s eye

while I am dreaming!

In the vegetable garden-

Some new things that I would like to try this year;

Sweet potatoes



(can you believe that I have never grown carrots?!)

Snow peas

Potatoes, again

(my first try last year, and I was pleased with them!)

What are you dreaming about growing this year?


Song of Solomon 4:16

“Awake, O north wind;

and come, thou south:

blow upon my garden,

that the spices thereof may flow out.

Let my beloved come into his garden,

and eat his pleasant fruits.”

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Tools of Winter

This Winter

5-039 We are having a ‘real’ winter this year!  Frigid temperatures-17 below this AM!  Lots of snow!  (The photo below was taken before we got our big snow last weekend.)  We are running out of places to push the snow, and the driveway area is becoming smaller and smaller.

Some of the things that are needed in winter weather….(Beside the warm coats, layers of clothing, snow boots, scarves, gloves, etc.)

A good snow shovel,

An ice chipper,

Bag of ice melt, 1-006 (3) And, most important of all, a little boy that loves to work and help his Grandpa with the snow removal!  David is such a willing worker…and I marvel at how the cold does not seem to bother children nearly as much as us ‘old’ people! They love being in the snow, and playing in it.  I have a feeling that David looks at this job like playing!

This winter has been very generous with its snow, ice and cold, and as much as I love it all, I am more than ready for a change of venue weather wise!

Psalm 71:14

“But I will hope continually,

and will yet praise thee more and more.”

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A Sunday Poem-God in Every Tomorrow

God in Every Tomorrow

sunlight through snow laden pines

God in every tomorrow.

Therefore, I live for today;

Certain of finding at sunrise

Guidance and strength for the way;

Hope for every moment of pain;

Comfort for every sorrow;

sunshine and joy after rain.


Genesis 21:22

“God is with thee in all that thou doest.”

Author unknown

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